A session with Nancy is an extraordinary experience.

  • Theresa Aucoin

    I just wanted to publicly thank you for the beautiful messages you passed on to me today …talking with you was like talking with an old friend, even though it was the first time…very grateful to have made a connection with you today. God bless you .. I hope you have a great weekend!

  • Cheryl Morrison

    Yesterday, I went to see Nancy for a reading. I’ve been to other readers before but not as genuine as Nancy. She helped to lessen a heavy load off my heart. Her gift is remarkable to me and spot on! Thank you Nancy for all the insight and warm friendly soul connections we encountered. I’m excited moving forward. If you’re sitting at home wondering to yourself if Nancy may be able to help you……rest assured…..she definitely can. Get off your duff and let her do her stuff! You won’t be disappointed. Thank you Nancy so very very much O:) <3

  • Kathy Chapple

    Hi Nancy. Had a wonderful time today at the show n thanks for all ur

  • Sandra McVee Andrews

    I want to thank you for this page, it provides inspiration and guidance, I look forward each morning to picking a card, and enjoy ending my day to see what it has to tell me!!

  • Susan Van Damme

    I just had a reading with Nancy Fortier – Psychic Medium, she is AMAZING!!!! Also, she is bang on. We talked about all my boys and my honey. I recommend her to everyone

  • Kathrine Goard

    How Beautiful Nancy! Isn’t it amazing how our earth shows us it’s beauty in such simple ways. We must ALWAYS be thankful for even the tiniest thing in the huge world we all live in. If more people would just share their LOVE what a wonderful place we have been placed to let even the smallest thing go un noticed. Have a beautiful day , I sent you my love earlier in a conversation I had with a dear friend of mine that could certainly use your guidance. Hopefully she will be guided to sign up to your page and get the most true revalations I get from you each day. Hopefully, she will be able to turn her anger more towards love and forgiveness that the ungratefulness I heard in her voice this morning. I shall visit her this afternoon and see if she took my advice, which came from you actually, and it has helped me in so many wonderful ways I can never thank you enough. Keep that beautiful smile you have on your face and again, light and love to you. My love is definately sent your way.<3

  • Nadia Zaidi

    I had an inner calling from Nancy. It is hard to explain, however I had an urge to message her and thankfully she had an appointment for me the next day. My reading with her was exceptional. I felt like I had known her for years and I was talking with a friend. She is on point and everything she told me made sense and made me extremely excited. She is truly gifted and blessed. I’m am grateful that I listened to my intuition and had my reading done by her. Thank you so much Nancy for changing my life. Bless you :). Hugs

  • Christiane Lemieux

    Thank you for the awesome reading Nancy Fortier – Psychic Medium! You are blessed with a great gift!!!

  • Amber Norby

    Hi Nancy – just a quick post to thank you once again for taking the time to do my reading. Your guidance and insight has given me hope and put my mind at ease; I now know what I need to do to direct my family towards a positive future – I am forever thankful!! You are truly gifted and blessed!!

  • Diane Markowsky Brusso

    Nancy, I just want to thank you for thinking of us every weekday and doing this for us. I think it is incredible that you take the time to do this. I really appreciate it, as I’m sure everyone does. Have a wonderful day and an even better weekend!

  • Denise Lefebvre

    Thanks so much for the reading on Saturday and for your wonderful energy. I went with no expectations and left feeling energized and balanced. I will let you know how things turn out, but you’ve been accurate so far (unbeknownst to me). Namaste 

  • David Anthony Lutz

    I had a reading last week with Nancy via Skype. I provided pics of my mother, father, girlfriend and myself. I was amazed by how many things she picked up on and informed me about… I still can’t believe the reading I had. Nancy is truly gifted and is very personable. I look forward to seeing the things she told me about coming to fruition. I also look forward to having another reading done in the near future. For now all I will say when referring to Nancy Fortier is that she is excellent and I highly recommend her services. Feeling blessed now knowing what I know. The reading opened my eyes to a few major points occurring or about to occur in my life. Thank you very much Nancy for fitting me into your busy schedule. Cheers Beautiful

  • Cora-Lea Findlay

    You truly are a blessing. Thank you for sharing your gift with so many of us.

  • Margaret Moore

    Really like your readings! They are always on point for me. Thanks Nancy.

  • Patricia Thomas

    I have been following this site and doing my card reads for several weeks now. The readings were extremely accurate and have helped me through a very difficult time. Thanks Nancy for being a beacon of light on my path.

  • Joanie Schartzberg

    I’m so blessed to have finally met you! ! You are amazing! ! I will be sending a picture of me soon. .. In Red. .. lol. .. From that moment you have changed so much for me! ! Thank you. .. Thank you. .. Thank you!

  • Amber Norby

    Hi Nancy – just a quick post to thank you once again for taking the time to do my reading. Your guidance and insight has given me hope and put my mind at ease; I now know what I need to do to direct my family towards a positive future – I am forever thankful!! You are truly gifted and blessed!!!

  • Darcie Anderson

    I just wanted to thank you. I have been having a very tough couple of months, and I started following your page; Nancy Fortier – Psychic Medium on Facebook, and my intuition, and I am impressed with the direction and calmness I have received from your daily cards!

  • Sara Lynn

    I have had 2 reading’s with Nancy, a Mini Phone Session and a Full Skype Session. The sessions have restored my connection to my Higher Self and Spirit, she confirmed the messages I had received but she was able to go more in depth, she passed on messages that I needed to hear and gave me comforting details for the future, details that have accurately come to pass. Her Facebook page say’s ~Respond to the call of your Spirit~ and I’m so happy that I did!

  • Judy Lebfevre

    I had my reading with Nancy & was very surprised to learn my dear Grandfather is with my youngest grandchild. It was a very enlightening, empowering, assuring reading. She is a powerhouse of knowledge and enlightening information. Thank you so very much for my A-ha moment as well. Much love & light to you Nancy. Namaste!

    Judy Lebferve

  • Charlene Ransome

     Hi Nancy … Once again I am absolutely in awe of what you do. Thank-you for today’s reading it was amazing. You have the ability to be so down to Earth (one feels as though they are sitting with a longtime friend) and to share, tell, enlighten me with your ability. When you mentioned the young man in a canoe, I was stunned. Until we meet again. Namaste x

  • Janet Vaccari

    I just had a session with Nancy. I was very skeptical about doing it, but something kept telling me to just do it. I read Nancy’s cards everyday on FB and she is always on point. So, when I was ready, I booked a session with her. I have to say, I was extremely excited to do it, since I most recenlty lost my brother and for the past year, I felt that I could not accept my brother’s death and that I needed some sign from him that he was okay and that he was with me. So when I was doing the reading with Nancy, we first had some small talk about other things, but then when she got to the picture of my brother, she just blew my mind. She said things to me that had happened during the time that my brother was passing. She said that both his spirit and my mom’s spirit were coming through so strong. It was amazing. I recorded the session and I have been listening to it alot, just trying to really listen to what was said. A lot of people don’t believe in this kinda stuff, but for some reason, Nancy made me believe it 100%. When I tell people what was said, they just say, “Oh of course she said that, it is just a guess.” So that really made me upset and I thought that maybe it isn’t true…but today, I listened again to our reading and there were several things that Nancy said, that made me TRULY believe that she saw my brother that night and he came through to her to tell me everything that was needed to be told. Absolutely, amazing I cherish everything that was told to me and I thank God that I did it. So to Nancy, thank you so much….I now know that my brother and Mom, are with me always. Thank you so much for everything. It has made things a little bit easier for me.

  • Gina Cimaglia

    Thank you so much. Not only did you amaze many of us I now found a wonderful friend. You are truly blessed with an amzing talent! xoxoxo

  • Krystal Downer

    Just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your reading today. A simple question about my life path and you were able to nail everything with no questions. It was enlightening and exactly the confirmation I was looking for. Thank you!!

  • Connie Rogers

    Last year I found you on Facebook and sent you a private message begging you to help figure out why I was so ill because the doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong. You kindly took the time for me even though I wasn’t paying you. The information you gave me helped the doctors with a diagnosis and eventually led to me getting better. It was nice to see someone so busy take the time to help without getting anything in return. Now a days there aren’t a lot of people willing to do that. I’m eternally grateful. Thank you

  • Veronica Thornton

    Nancy, I wanted to tell you that what you saw in our session blew me away yesterday. You were certain that you didn’t see my blood as having anything wrong. Turns out I’ve gone into remission with my pre-existing lupus. Bad blood numbers at an all-time low and, good ones at an all-time high. First thing my mom said was, “Nancy knew it!” Thank you for everything! xoxo See you soon. PS I didn’t even know it was possible to go into remission with lupus.

  • Mary-Ellen Briggs

    Hello Nancy I want to tell you that you have given me a valuable message that I live by every day now. I am so thankful.  It was “fall in love with your life” since that day I will be forever greatful. Thank you again!

  • Amber Norby

    I had Nancy do a reading for me a little over a year ago. At that time things in my life seemed all bad and I was looking for some kind of assurance for my future.

    When I spoke to Nancy on the phone the day of my appointment, we connected immediately. She was so easy to talk to – I could have talked to her for hours!

    She gave me my reading – some good, some bad – but she also gave me guidance as to how I could change the path I was on; what I needed to do to make my future better & brighter. Most of all – she gave me hope.

    I listened, took notes and I set about changing things. And now, a year later, life is feeling good again!!

    I would like to thank you Nancy. You have phenomenal abilities and you use them well; helping people see their futures and giving guidance so they may change their life course.

    If you are looking for a reading for you or a loved one, I highly recommend Nancy – you won’t be sorry!!

  • Diana T C

    I’m so happy you are here and you were able to connect with my sister. I wish you so much love and respect for what you are gifted with. You are definitely the real deal. Trust me everyone, Nancy is the real deal. Get your reading from Nancy. You’ll be surprised, but if you really think about it, it’s just truth and pure honesty. Gotta love her. Thanks Nancy. You are truly a healer of hearts. 

  • Suzanne Marie Victoria Alsayed

    Just by reading you I feel you are honest and truthful.

  • Jesse Davidson

    Nancy Fortier – Psychic Medium is truly amazing!! TY for your love. May your life be filled with joy and happiness…blessed be.

  • Mrs. Jd Castro

    Thank you for your kind words, it is greatly appreciated. I can’t help but keep wondering by the woman’s expression on her face that she looked worried for me. I have alot going on in life so it’s hard to always keep positive thinking. But today I woke, grateful for a new day!

  • Susan Keech

    Love your cover photo. Just wanted to tell you on my first visit with you you told me something would happen in May that would change my life…well it did & it has & I’m feeling awesome!!!!

  • Jason White

    Thank you for the readings, I look forward to them daily and they always give the guidance needed.

  • Deanna Millar

    Thank you so much for your love n support and your spiritual guidance. I really enjoy the daily card reading. I look forward to seeing your posts. Many blessings of love and light my friend, Namaste

  • Barbara Joan

    Thank you so much for meeting with my daughter and I yesterday! Amazing how some things were making sense after the reading. My mom mentioning her two newest grand babies April and May birthdays and worrying about her son (just like my mom always would). It was a wonderful experience. Sending you much love and many thanks.

  • Elizabeth Jobborn-Suess

    Thank you, Nancy for the love, light and guidance Keep shining!

  • Elaine Lavallee

    Just love your posts, you are awesome! Don’t ever go any where!

  • Natasha McCoy

    Nancy is an incredible Psychic Medium. She was incredibly accurate with my loved ones who have passed over. I now feel a big weight lifted as all lingering questions I’ve always wanted to know got answered. Thank you for everything, I highly recommend.

  • Diane Desrosiers Saulnier

    Thank you so very much for the chance to pick a card everyday… I always look forward to seeing what is behind the one that I picked. Gives me something to look forward to.

  • Cathy

    After losing my mother, who was not only a grandma but she was also the other parent to my children. My youngest child and my mother had a unique bond. During her illness and when we found out her Breast Cancer was terminal she made me make promises to her for his sake and, one of them was not to let him see her body when she passed. Once it happened and when my mom was at the funeral home I felt horrible for my son and I thought of a way to help him cope with her death so in years to come he would not question me in tears to come. I helped him write a letter which I placed in my mom’s casket. I then had the administration at the Funeral Home print the letter on the back of the requiem program. The minister who performed my mom’s funeral was upset by the letter and insisted that I should not tell my son that my mom is an Angel. The minister said Angels are Angels and people are people and Angels help people. She would not read the letter at the funeral so a family member got up in front of all of our family to read the letter for my son and the minister still contradicted the letter. While talking to Nancy she gave me much needed reassurance that my mom was at Peace. She told me that my mom said to let me know that she was “Resting with the Angels”. It was so calming to hear those words and the fact that my mom said I would know what that meant was such a personal touch. For the first time in almost three years, I was comforted by those words knowing that I explained things properly to my son and was able to help my mom cross over to the other side. Thanks Nancy, so much!!

  • Linda Wood

    What you do to make people Happy, Is a very Special Thing, Every Day and Every Night, We look on your Timeline, To see what you’ll Bring! It gives us Hope, Serenity, And even brings us Love, Because your readings, We get to choose, It gives us Peace from Above! Happy Wednesday, Nancy

  • Jo Mac Pherson

    You are awesome!!! You helped me see things more clearly. Thank you so much. XX

  • Dianne Campbell

    I love my card today!!! AM extremely busy with re-inventing, re-defining, discovering while continuing to grow my own business. I KNOW the results are going to be rewarding in all ways, but some days I wonder, doubt and hesitate. These cards have been a support in a lot of ways. Thanks Nancy – they are SP

  • Lisa S. Gibson

    Never before has *Your Cards* stuck me to the heart of “Every Matter of My Being” I was awake and gone to work this morning before you posted them… When I saw them in my notifications… I went straight to them thinking “I get BOTH Readings Today 🙂 Was I in for a *Shock*… Everything that I am Going Through & Working On Becoming Again (((HUGS))) Thanks to You; Nancy Fortier! Thanks to My Guides — as much as Strong Headed I am … sometimes I am listening 🙂 Love You Much! Thanks to My Angels Whom Keep Me Lifted Throughout My Day 🙂 Thanks to Friends… Who Help Me See the Bright Side of Life ((HUGS)) to YOU ALL

  • Helena O Doherty

    Thank you for the free card readings throughout 2014, I truly enjoyed them and found guidance on a daily basis with them, best wishes to you for 2015, again thank you Nancy xxxxx

  • Patricia Thomas

    I have been following this site and doing my card reads for several weeks now. The readings were extremely accurate and have helped me through a very difficult time. Thanks Nancy for being a beacon of light on my

  • Theresa Aucoin

    Conversations with you does my soul good <3 ..looking forward to connecting again…

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