Kathrine Goard

How Beautiful Nancy! Isn’t it amazing how our earth shows us it’s beauty in such simple ways. We must ALWAYS be thankful for even the tiniest thing in the huge world we all live in. If more people would just share their LOVE what a wonderful place we have been placed to let even the smallest thing go un noticed. Have a beautiful day , I sent you my love earlier in a conversation I had with a dear friend of mine that could certainly use your guidance. Hopefully she will be guided to sign up to your page and get the most true revalations I get from you each day. Hopefully, she will be able to turn her anger more towards love and forgiveness that the ungratefulness I heard in her voice this morning. I shall visit her this afternoon and see if she took my advice, which came from you actually, and it has helped me in so many wonderful ways I can never thank you enough. Keep that beautiful smile you have on your face and again, light and love to you. My love is definately sent your way.<3