Janet Vaccari

I just had a session with Nancy. I was very skeptical about doing it, but something kept telling me to just do it. I read Nancy’s cards everyday on FB and she is always on point. So, when I was ready, I booked a session with her. I have to say, I was extremely excited to do it, since I most recenlty lost my brother and for the past year, I felt that I could not accept my brother’s death and that I needed some sign from him that he was okay and that he was with me. So when I was doing the reading with Nancy, we first had some small talk about other things, but then when she got to the picture of my brother, she just blew my mind. She said things to me that had happened during the time that my brother was passing. She said that both his spirit and my mom’s spirit were coming through so strong. It was amazing. I recorded the session and I have been listening to it alot, just trying to really listen to what was said. A lot of people don’t believe in this kinda stuff, but for some reason, Nancy made me believe it 100%. When I tell people what was said, they just say, “Oh of course she said that, it is just a guess.” So that really made me upset and I thought that maybe it isn’t true…but today, I listened again to our reading and there were several things that Nancy said, that made me TRULY believe that she saw my brother that night and he came through to her to tell me everything that was needed to be told. Absolutely, amazing I cherish everything that was told to me and I thank God that I did it. So to Nancy, thank you so much….I now know that my brother and Mom, are with me always. Thank you so much for everything. It has made things a little bit easier for me.