After losing my mother, who was not only a grandma but she was also the other parent to my children. My youngest child and my mother had a unique bond. During her illness and when we found out her Breast Cancer was terminal she made me make promises to her for his sake and, one of them was not to let him see her body when she passed. Once it happened and when my mom was at the funeral home I felt horrible for my son and I thought of a way to help him cope with her death so in years to come he would not question me in tears to come. I helped him write a letter which I placed in my mom’s casket. I then had the administration at the Funeral Home print the letter on the back of the requiem program. The minister who performed my mom’s funeral was upset by the letter and insisted that I should not tell my son that my mom is an Angel. The minister said Angels are Angels and people are people and Angels help people. She would not read the letter at the funeral so a family member got up in front of all of our family to read the letter for my son and the minister still contradicted the letter. While talking to Nancy she gave me much needed reassurance that my mom was at Peace. She told me that my mom said to let me know that she was “Resting with the Angels”. It was so calming to hear those words and the fact that my mom said I would know what that meant was such a personal touch. For the first time in almost three years, I was comforted by those words knowing that I explained things properly to my son and was able to help my mom cross over to the other side. Thanks Nancy, so much!!