Free Daily Message May 3

Good Thursday May 3 2018 afternoon everyone and thank you for participating in today’s free daily reading.
Here is today’s message pertaining to your experience;

Card #1 ~Four of Michael~
‘ insights that come from quiet meditation. The need for more sleep or time off. Seek relief from stress. Make time for yourself. Take a vacation. Pursue spiritual activities. Seek relief from stress.’
Choosing this card means it’s time to take a break! Take a step back. Let go and let God. Resist the urge to challenge people you disagree with. Instead take the time to meditate, autumn is a beautiful time to take a walk in the forest. There you will be rejuvenated then you will be ready for your next step.

Card #2 ~Knight of Raphael’
‘Romantic, dramatic, poetic, introspective.’
“Committed romantic relationships. Being swept off your feet. Situations or topics that make your heart flutter. Engagement and weddings. Rose coloured glasses. Powerful emotions. The need to get grounded.”
This card often represents falling in love. It can also represent a proposal in a business venture as well. It’s absolutely a heart fluttering situation. It can also be a person who you are in love with romantically. Happy times are now.

Thank you for sharing your light,