Free Daily Message July 19

Good Thursday July 19 2018 evening everyone , and thank you for participating in today’s Free Reading, a special appreciation for Sharing and Liking; more people are being helped as the result.

Here is today’s message that resonates with your experience:

Card #1 ~Flexible~ 19

‘Teach ability- Open-mindedness- Being adaptable without compromising what’s most important.’

Choosing this card means that you may be in a situation that requires open-mindedness. Take a look at the bigger picture. Stay grounded as you do. Common sense is needed. Stay aware of your surroundings. Be willing to learn new things.

Card #2 ~Serendipity~ 18

‘Opportunity allied with readiness- The awareness of synchronicity- Luck and good fortune appearing as signs and symbols- A magical alignment of events.’

Choosing this card means that you are in alignment for the greater good. Your dreams and collective dreams resonate in exquisite harmony. Be prepared for great miracles to happen. You are in sink with Divine intervention. Your fortune becomes everyone’s good fortune. Keep serving the world with a smile as you are being supported by universal forces. You are loved immensely.

Thank you for shining your light,