Free Daily Message Aug 2

Happy Thursday August 2 2018 evening everyone and thank you for participating in today’s free daily reading.
Here is today’s message pertaining to your experience;

Card #1 ~Chenrizi Manifestion~ 8
You have hit the jackpot card! Chenrizi works to clear away your problems, burdens and suffering by showing you the blessings in your life. This moment is the turning point of your experience here on the planet. All you have to do is be open to appreciating your many blessings that will continue to multiply ever after. Live the dream!

Card #2 ~Renewal~ 18
The spiral in this card represents healing energy. This card is about healing family relationships. Your job is to look for the good in all those who surround you. See the gifts that they carry. Watch how your relationships grow closer with this renewed healing within your heart. 

Thank you for shining your light,
Nancy 🌼🤗🌹