Free Daily Message April 30

Good Monday April 30 2018 afternoon everyone, and thank you for participating in today’s Free Reading, a special appreciation for Sharing and Liking; more people are being helped as the result.

Here is today’s message that resonates with your experience:

Card #1 ~Page of Swords~
‘She embodies honesty and truthfulness. She is unafraid to scrutinize her beliefs; logic is what dominates her the most. Her mind is agile and annalistic.’
Choosing this card means that you may have an idea or a concept that needs to come to fruition. You have creative abilities, and can bring ideas into reality. Allow yourself to be a free-thinker. Some may even say you are rebellious in your pursuit for freedom. There may be someone around you that is genius or an inventor.

Card #2 ~The Star~ XVII
‘Regaining hope, faith in the future, inspiration. Finding the still silent place within your own being of serenity, tranquility amid trouble, harmony, offering without reservations, sharing and being generous.’
Choosing this card means your special wish or dream is coming true. This card is for hope, healing, faith success, aspiration and enlightenment. Nothing is impossible, the skies the limit! Know who you are as there is great power in that belief. Pay attention to you intuition, your higher self as this is how you will reach your hearts desires. Trust in everything you do, as there is great hope in your future. Share your success and experience with others as they will be drawn to your light. In this moment right now all is perfect, when you focus on the now, it gives the opportunity for your soul to soar. Reach for the stars!

Thank you for shining your light,