Free Daily Message April 27

Good Friday April 27 2018 evening everyone and thank you for participating in today’s free daily reading here is today’s message pertaining to your situation;

Card #1 ~The Tower~ XVI
Choosing this card is an indication that there is a major life change or belief system. You may encounter an emotional upheaval and/or a distressing event. Spiritual growth will come from this situation. You will find yourself in the position of eliminating people, places and things in your life that no longer serve you. Know that you are safe during this event and much good will come from it.

Card #2 ~The World~ XXI
This card symbolizes great success. Your long-term goals and projects are coming to an end with great success. This card also means a major trip or a very long travel. Allow yourself to breathe, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Thank you for shining your light