Free Daily Message April 25

Good Wednesday April 25 2018 evening everyone and thank you for participating in today’s free daily reading. Especial preciation for sharing and liking, as more people are helped as a result. Here is today’s message resonating with your experience;

Card #1 ~Amethyst~ 41
‘Transformation, Certainty, Confidence’
Choosing this card is a profound sign that a true transformation has taken place in your life. Looking for signs, learning to listen, trusting your souls energy that is connected to source divine. Being happy, joyous and free comes naturally when poised and flowing with spirit truth. We are here to shine! Dont settle for second best!
I give thanks for the transformation and healing that has taken place
I move through life with gratitude
I move through life with confidence
I achieve my goals – what I focus on, I create

Card #2 ~Purification~ Fire 14
‘Bare Essentials, The Naked Truth, Wholeness’
Choosing this card is an indication that there is a great need for a cleans in a form of fire. To begin find a comfy, quiet place, Light a white candle, focus on the flame, as you relax, let your heart/soul guide you as you notice the messages of why you are here, the happiness waiting for you and so on. As you do this notice the background voice in your mind commenting as you visualize. Is it saying, things like; that will never happen, im not good enough, nothing good ever happens for me, im not loveable, and so forth. As you here this, one by one replace these old belief with the truth, for example, i am enough, good things always happen for me… this will clear a path to a divine happy destiny.
I listen to my heart and follow its guidance
I deserve to be happy
I have the power to create my reality
I trust that all will work out well
My life is clear of obstacles

Thank you for shining your light, xo