Free Daily Message April 23

Good Monday April 23 2018 day everyone and thank you for participating in today’s Free Daily Message. Thank you for Dharing and Liking, more people are heloed as the result.
Here is today’s message pertaining to your experience.

Card #1 ~Waterfall~
This card asks you to let go and let God. You may feel like you are on the edge of a water, and fear taking the next step in your life. Take deep breaths and focus on our solar plex area, put your hand there just under your ribs. You will feel your emotions like anxiety, fear or and bliss and love. This is one of your souls way of communicating with you. You are here to experience living. Let go of your fears and jump ino the river of life. Many souls will help you, as you will for them. Dont forget to have faith as this is your divine journey.

Card #2 ~New Moon-
This card implies that like the cycle of the moon, we flow in balance with our own experiences. The new moon promises a new adventure, a new love (or renewed in your present relationship), or the end of career, project or relationship, to give space to our new adventure. Be aware of your manifestations, positive or negative, as your subconscious, soul/spirit is speaking to you. Your will realise your next step.

Thank you for sharing your light, β™‘