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Nancy started the “Free Daily Reading” in 2012 and it has since been adopted by many Psychics and Mediums all over the world! Nancy’s, original Facebook & Twitter Pages and emails “Nancy Fortier Psychic Medium” were stolen by hackers in August 2016.
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Nancy wants to help, here is some information about who she is and what she does.


Nancy has fine-tuned her extrasensory perception – ESP and can communicate with spirits in other dimensions. She is able to feel, see and hear thoughts from the spirit world. Nancy is able to be completely receptive to the higher frequency or energies on which spirits vibrate. Gently and lovingly she helps in the passing of loved ones, Spirit comes through always for a healing and loving reunion. Pictures and items help speed up this process. She can detect and clear wanted or unwanted spirits around you and in your home, long distances as well.


Nancy is guided through Spirit and connects directly to your guides and lost loved ones to see, feel or just know information pertinent to you, and leading to predicting the future. This means that she can perceive information that cannot be perceived through the normal senses also called ESP- ‘Extra Sensory Perception’.  She is able to sense missing objects or people. As a psychic Nancy can sense information that other people can’t usually access.

She uses:

Claircognizance – thoughts and ideas of one’s experiences come to her ‘The knowing’
Clairvoyance – spiritual insight in the minds eye ‘Third eye’ visions
Clairsentience – physical and emotional feelings ‘Empath’
Clairaudience – loving guidance heard inside my mind, always for Spiritual guidance

Archangels – Angels – Guides

Nancy has a connection to higher frequencies like the Angelic and Psychic realms, allowing her to gently guide you in your life, Angels send her messages through vibrations, colours and numbers for answers pertaining to you and your situation.

Auras – Personality Numbers

Nancy is able to see your Aura and your personality number. An aura is an energy field that is emitted from all living things. Most of the time, the aura is seen as layers of colour around you. Sometimes, Auras change as we change and all colours have their own specific meaning. Number meanings give a solid indication as to who you are and why you are here; it is good for confirmation on your life path direction.

Empath – Past Life Regression –  Medical Intuitive – Dreams

As an Empath Nancy can feel other people’s emotions as her own. Nancy has the ability to scan another’s energy for thoughts, feelings and possibly for past, present, and future life occurrences; and can gently guide you to recover, remember and experience past lives that directly affect your present life. Nancy can also detect physical and mental abnormalities.

Nancy helps reveal your deepest issues through your dreams and your subconscious mind to help overcome difficulties and find answers leading to a happy, joyous and free life.

Energy Worker – Healer – Lightworker

Nancy intuitively balances the Chakras, aligning your body, mind and Soul, energizing, and speed up recovery of illnesses and injuries (old and new), as well as emotional pain. This can be done long distances as well as in person.

A a healer Nancy has the ability to “see” you as a whole. Her job is to help remove blocks to your growth. All illness results from the lowering of body frequencies/vibrations; usually a result negativity. By raising the frequencies and aligning the body, mind and soul all come into unity. That is health. 

Opening Abilities – Intuition

Nancy can help open abilities starting with the using of your Intuition. Being intuitive means that you are able to tap into your Higher self in order to receive guidance about your everyday life. Intuition can be used to receive guidance about your own life or to help other people. Being intuitive is about receiving guidance to make better decisions in your life, and helping guide others in theirs. Being an Intuitive does not necessarily mean you are psychic. 

Thank you for Shining your light~ Namaste